Friday, July 25, 2008

IAG Sunday

I am Ghost Sunday

Hope to meet the band.

Overly excited

Thursday, July 17, 2008

hello. Been a while since I updated...
Major events to update
Here we go...

1) sister went home early. Home sick/ sick of my dad (she's a meany)

2) got a fender strat electric guitar :)

3) can play the begining of a lot of songs

4) got 2 new skateboards. One is a long board the other is normal

5) going to see bat man at 12:00

6) is pumped for school at valor ( my mom is being ... Never mind)

7) I really want the black parade is dead mcr live DVD

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Honours what??

I took my placement test for math at valor. The teacher said I had the highest score thus far. Honours algebra 1 here I come.

So I decided to go to some college and get my BA the go to an art school (Pratt institute please) to get my masters.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Ive been warped

went to warped tour yesterday. It was amazing. Saw pierce the veil, the devil wears prada, The Briggs (who rocked), and more and got free CDs and cheap CDs. A free epitaph t shirt and bandana cause I bought a cd for cheap. (I am ghost is on epitaph)
got a bunch of free stuff... Got to see cool bands, an meet them and saw cool booth things. Got an invisble children DVD with a bracelet too.

Ya warped tour is amazing. Number 14 tour and I'm 14 years old. This thing is as old as me

Oh and saw some crazy hairdos and got caught in afew moshpits and stood next to hardcore dancers which are annoying. One hurt my knee when he push people back for room. Fag :P

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Call me lucky

My mom texted me and my sister while we were eating (Chicago style pizza) saying "Zac [step brother] is a liar and was kicked out. don't contact him or listen to him."
Well, I had already sent him a message the day before congratulating him on fessing his dream of going to film school to his dad and what not, and he replied later after my mom messages us.

He said his dad was talking about his mom bad and that he told his dad to shut up. He didn't and kept saying things and Zac threw his hat at him. Denis (the faggotry that married my mom) got out of the car and went to Zac's door, pulled him out, and started beating him on the head with his wedding ring hand (fist and all)
A bunch of cops and paramedics came and there were 8 eyewitnesses. Zac did not press charges on his dad but the city is. Aggregated assault...


Apparently he is violent and wreckless.
HE could have beat me or maybe he may beat my mom or my dog (I'd freaking rip his eyes out if he touched me my dog or my mom, the little dip weed)

Oh ya and it's true. I'm gone my brother is gone, my sister, and now zac.All they need is for the grandpa to croak and they'll get their wish of being alone. And get this, my sister, my brother and me will be separated from each other. I'm the only one
that will be with direct family

Friday, June 20, 2008


I may have come to a final decision after much begging from my mom, to move to Colorado and to go to valor Christian high school. (

I had to throw out legal junk I researched to my mom, and she final gave way and accepted that I know what is good for me. I love my mom and stuff but I just can't live in the rural bucolic that is Athens. I need the city and a Christian school...
I barely even know my step dad and his son and it all just happened to fast for me. i'm sAd to leave friends and all but I will visit them when I can and what not. I just really need this.

Typing fast on iPods sucks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hellooo (skateboards)

Hellooo... I've been skateboarding more recently, and I've basically picked back up where I left off so long ago... :D

I can basically do all the same stuff the exact same way... Muscle memory I guess...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Google did it for the lulz

Google the phrase "the worst band in the world" and lol at the thing that says see results for creed

This was going to be a lenghty title but I decided to keep it simple.. Oh wait, it's lenghty now....

Hey there world! Just wanted to fill you in on the fact that warped tour is in the Denver football staduim. The pit IS THE FIELD! That's some crazy stuff. The vend and booths will be in the lobby entrance area. I'm so pumped! I can't wait to get the free stuff at the booths!! :)

Think of it... A stadium full of punks and a few emos...

By the way, my sketchbook is full from spring break. I need a new one. This is my 5th sketch book to be filled...

Monday, June 16, 2008